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Eco Fresh SE was founded by Mr. Moung Vandy, Ms. Phan Thida, Ms. Tan Vatey and Ms. In Seyha in 2016. Through some competitions, Eco Fresh SE took 2nd place SEA Makerthon and was chosen as one among the 5 winner teams in Epic Venture which is supported and funded by USAID and Development Innovation.Eco Fresh SE sees a serious problem of vegetables and fruit wastes which cause almost 53 million USD on annual (MAFF, 2016). This reason has proposed this youth group to seek solution in order to solve this tragedy.

Eco Fresh SE aims to provide natural cool storage in purpose of reducing vegetable and fruit wastes, poverty reduction and saving the environment. According to the study of vegetable storage methodologies has indicated that, the good storages cost highly which farmers could not afford, conversely, the cheaper storages are just not effective and convenient to use but harmful to environment also. So, Eco Fresh SE has invested its time with strong commitment in order to achieve the goals as stated. All the products made by Eco Fresh SE are based on the exact study to secure the safety usage and make sure the goods are met users’ expectation. The values added to Eco Fresh SE’s products will be the affordable products which can keep the freshness of the veggies and fruits for last 4 days, the duration is up to 2 years for usage, the convenient for daily use, plus the saving of spending for adds-on products.

Eco Fresh SE is proud to present our premium products to value customers for the benefits of family, community and the entire nation.

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